We offer a select offer of muscle treatments designed for sports athletes, fitness enthusiasts and business driven individuals. Each treatment is tailored according to your preference or current injury, pain or tension. It focuses on relief and recovery to bring optimal movement, balance and performance to the body.


We provide a select offer of muscle treatments designed for sports athletes, fitness enthusiasts and business driven individuals.

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Pre-Event Massage

A 30-minute massage that focuses on increasing blood circulation and flexibility by stretching and loosening muscles which allows for balanced movement and optimal performance for an upcoming event or activity.
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Post-Event Massage

A 30-minute massage designed to aid athletes by relieving pain to recover quickly after a strenuous activity or event. It releases built-up lactic acid, reduces post-event soreness and restores blood flow and movement.
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Muscle Focus Massage

A 45-minute therapeutic massage that targets a specific muscle group by manipulating soft tissue structures to prevent or alleviate pain, tension and stress. It also promotes good health and wellness.
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Full-Body Massage

A 60-minute massage therapy session that works on relieving key muscle areas of tension and pain in the body, which consists of treating the head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, arms, hands, legs and feet.
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We have received great feedback from our clients. Find out what they had to say about our treatments below:

“I thought it interesting that he took time out to do some further research and recommended exercises that I could do. Honestly, I am already feeling the benefit in my running and recovery. Admittedly, some extra flexibility in my golf swing has also been observed. Dustin is highly professional and willing to spend more time to do a thorough job. As a female athlete, I feel the balance between friendliness and professionalism is an important one – Dustin has proved time and time again that he is willing to adapt to the demands of a busy schedule. His work is hugely beneficial to me and I would recommend Dustin for any level of sports therapy.“

Melanie Vollenhoven
Golfer & Running Enthusiast
“I first experienced Dustin’s “magic hands” on the Wines2Whales MTB race, and have been using him since. Dustin is not just good at what he does, his treatments are the best I have ever experienced. If you are serious about your chosen sport, Dustin could give you that edge to increase the quality of your workouts, and more importantly your recovery. What’s remarkable is that Dustin does this all from the comfort of your own home. I doubt you will find the same level of expertise with that convenience in Cape Town.”

Simon Kemp
Chef & Cycling Enthusiast
“After dealing with an injury for almost a year, and seeing respective physios, Dustin was able to sort out my muscle issue in ONE session! I can highly recommend his service! Everyone that I refer him to is just as impressed as I was after having a sports massage with him. He is professional, knowledgeable and truly interested in the well-being of his clients.“

Charné Johnson
Dancer & Fitness Instructor
It was only after I contacted Dustin, for a sports massage in the comfort of my own home, that I was truly impressed by his professionalism and work ethic. I can honestly say that I have not received a sports massage or an injury treatment as good as Hands On The Move! As a sportsman - you can definitely tell a massage therapist knows what they’re doing or not. Muscle therapy treatment is the type of pain you know is so good for you! Dustin is the real deal and you will struggle to find another with his caliber.

Simon Kemp
Chef & Cycling Enthusiast